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Our Guide To A Campervan Kitchen Pod

Campervan Kitchen Pods
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When it comes to your campervan, you want it to be practical, and simple and still feel personal to you. After all, kitchens are the centre of the home. Now they can be a beacon in your campervan where every meal is lovingly cooked and all your favourite foods are stored. At Davanco Designs, we want your campervan kitchen pod to provide everything you need, wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing package, so wherever you go the view may change, but the feeling of being at home stays the same.  

In this article, we will see what the best kitchen pod for your campervan is and what other appliances you may need to make your van feel like a home.

Do I Need A Kitchen Pod For My Campervan?

Kitchen pods are becoming increasingly popular with people using them when converting their vans. This is because kitchen pods can readily slot into any vehicle with ease, instead of going for a bespoke fitted kitchen to perfectly fit in your van.

They can be fixed into place and installed to be safe to travel with you on the road wherever your journey takes you. Here are some benefits of opting for a kitchen pod for your campervan:

1. They Are A Great Cost Effective Alternative 

Kitchen pods for many reasons are cheaper than going for a fully converted campervan with a fitted kitchen, but also they are premade to a certain size rather than having one made to measure. 

2. They Are A Flexible and Versatile Option

Campervan kitchen pods have everything you need in a kitchen without all the extra space. Being in a campervan means you have to be practical and use the space you have wisely. This allows you to have the perfect mini kitchen pod for your campervan that doesn’t take up too much room. Also, they can be designed and made to fit your specific style in terms of material and colour. They are the ideal kitchen pod for your campervan.

What Is The Best Campervan Kitchen Pod?

Campervans are great when you want to get away for the weekend and enjoy some time outside in the fresh air. However, instead of sleeping in a tent, you can sleep in essentially a home on wheels that provides all your comforts and needs whilst you enjoy being in the wilderness and waking up with the sun and listening to the birds. Modular campervan kitchens make living or holidaying in a campervan simple and easy, you can cook as you would in a house and keep your food fresh as well as organised in kitchen cupboards.

Our high-grade compact kitchen pods are great for many types of a campervan. The pod features 2 draws, 2 cupboards and a stow-away table that mounts to the table rail. This is perfect for those looking for an equipped camper that doesn’t compromise comfort and space.

We use lightweight plywood with a range of stunning colours available. As standard, the worktop is cut out to allow for a dometic hob. Our pod has been specifically designed to be as beneficial and space-saving as possible, combining a hob and sink. This stylish compact design gives you that additional worktop space without compromising the function of the unit itself. 

You can customise your kitchen pod to match the interior of your van by choosing the unit colour, as well as the worktop colour. Optional extras include soft-close hinges and premium drawers.

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